Heywood beauty

Heywood Beauty a boutique beauty studio offering laser, beauty, spa and nail treatments.

Facial treatments

Leanne offers a range of Gatineau facials suitable for all skin types

Caci non surgical facelift

Hydradermie facial

Laser skin rejuvenation


Spa facials 

skin peels

  MELATOGENINE™ – Global anti-aging care (30s+)

Tests done on genetic mapping have proved that with these complete anti-aging products epidermal cells remain exceptionally young and supple, for longer. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out. The skin is more radiant and fuller-looking, as if “re-plumped” from within.

A sensation of total well-being. Duration: 1 hour

- DEFI LIFT 3D™ – Resculpting lift care (35s+)

Restores the skin support network at 3 different levels rebuilding the skin’s natural cushion and redefining the contour of the face. A virtual “beauty procedure”, this pleasurable treatment is a gentle salon alternative to cosmetic surgery and may be recommended from the age of 30+: The appearance of skin imperfections is diminished, the skin's texture is refined, the appearance of expression lines is reduced. Facial features look more rested and relaxed. The complexion radiates luminosity.

The skin feels better toned and firmer, as if retexturised deep down. The face seems to be redesigned, visibly resculpted. Duration: 1 hour

Traditional facials

- SERENITE – Rapid soothing mask

Soothing & Calming for sensitive skin. Instantly soothes and refreshes, reducing redness and strengthening the skin’s defence.

- NUTRIACTIVE – Glycomask

Nourishing & comforting for dry skin. An extreme comfort facial.

- MODERACTIVE – Tonimask

Clarifing & Refreshing for combination skin. To rebalance, revitalise, restore and clarify.

Aquamemory Replenish Treatment
Dehydrated lines are reduced, the skin becomes supple and comfortable and refreshed.


Tailor made cosmetic peeling combining techniques from both chemical peeling and microdermabrasion, in a single professional facial. This facial is designed for people who want to revive their skin and those looking for a reduction of fine lines and skin imperfections. Your skin texture appears refined and evened out revealing a healthy glow. Duration:1 Hour

Hydrosource anti-ageing facial

100% marine collagen. This exceptional re-hydrating and regenerating treatment will instantly leave the skin plump, hydrated and supple. All skin types will love this facial, especially prematurely aged, sun damaged or devitalised dry skin. A beautiful facial with immediate results. Duration: 1  hour

- ALL SKIN TYPES – Filmomasque

Anti-Fatigue marine complex latex mask

Filmomasque is rich in amino acids and intensively cools the skin by reducing the skin’s temperature by 10 degrees. Decongesting, detoxifying and reducing inflammation as it encourages lymphatic drainage. This multifunctional facial addresses every skin concern according to the ampoule concentrate applied. Skin is cooled, calmed and intensively treated with this exceptional mask. Duration: 1 hour

- AGE BENEFIT – Hormomasque

Ultra intensive firming facial: Multi Award winning

This unparalleled treatment offers mature, demanding or age-conscious skins an immediate ‘lift effect’. This treatment offers a superb radiance to the complexion whilst smoothing and helping to plump out lines while recontouring facial features. The effects are obvious, instant and long lasting. Duration: 1 ¼ hour

- ACTIV ECLAT – Enzyme

Oxygenating relaxing facial

Gatineau’s enzymatic mask exfoliates and decongests to promote cellular respiration and encourage cellular renewal. This multi-action treatment is designed to counteract the effects of modern day life such as pollution, late nights, cigarettes, toxin accumulation and environmental stressors. Thickened skin will love this facial, although it is suitable to oxygenate and increase radiance for all skin types. Duration: 1 hour

- WHITENING – Filmomasque

Lightening, brightening facial

A lightening, brightening facial with all the benefits of a classic Filmomasque treatment captured in a non-bleaching, skin-whitening formulation. This complete skin treatment avoids the use of aggressive bleaching agents and relies on a mixture of proven, natural ingredients; Arbutin (Japanese Mulberry), Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen peptides.

A great brightening treatment for the bride to be, or any skin looking for an immediate luminous glow. Also ideal on a freshly scarred or acne-ravaged skin to minimise the pigmentation often occurring as scar tissue heals. Duration: 1 hour